If Something Happens to Me, Don't Stop Racing

A Note to Those Who Follow, from 'Widget Codriver' (and sometimes driver)

When someone is seriously hurt or killed in a sporting event or other activity, life goes on.

When video cameras are rolling and microphones switched on, you'll often hear quotes like "We've got to keep on doing (fill in the blank here) because he would have wanted it that way."

Sometimes you have to wonder if it's just a pat phrase to help them get through a difficult time.

Sometimes you might even wonder if it's true.

This short note is to tell the world that in my case, yes, it's true.

If something were to happen to me at a rally or other racing event, I urge the organizers and competitors to Rally On and keep on racing. I would have wanted it that way.

Be safe, of course, and do what your conscience tells you, but don't stop racing just because I'm not there to share the joy of the sport with you.

Donna, Van, and my brothers each have a copy of my Advanced Directive which says to unplug me when things are completely hopeless.

By the way, I would like for my ashes to go for one last rally ride, maybe at the Prescott Rally (PerkinsView), with bagpipes and tuba playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" at the start.

(Page last updated: Wed, Sep 05 2012 )